It’s officially December and the holiday shopping season is well on its way. If you’re like me you haven’t even started shopping yet because everyone knows the best gifts are purchased with a sense of last minute panic and dread. If I’m being honest I actually enjoy last minute Christmas shopping. Why spend months overthinking what to get everyone on your list when you can just spend a few hours? I call that being efficient.

Most people will include their pets in their holiday shopping. Why wouldn’t you? I’ve spent the last year with several beloved pets and I can confirm they’re all on the nice list this year. The internet is full of lots of heckin good boys but some just didn’t make the cut. So here are 12 pets that are DEFINITELY on Santa’s naughty list.

 1. Don’t be so quick to destroy your sweater Fido, there are uglier, less tasty sweaters out there.

2. Not the time or place for bamboozling doggo. How did you even get in there?

3. It was honestly just a matter of time before someone did it.

4. Sugar cookies… Sugar’s cookies… it’s very confusing.

5. Dogs have no perception of time. Just had his calendar wrong is all.

6. Was a cow in a previous life.

7. How? Did someone leave a giant inkpad on the ground?

8. Wants to change his name to Buddha. No reason he just likes the way it sounds better.

9. Right in front of the man himself…

10. Sorry Sir there seems to be a problem reading your card…

11. He’s making a strong case for an artificial Christmas Tree

12. Instructions unclear…

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